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                            Switch Series
                            Hood panel
                            Appliance control panel
                            Water Controller
                            Oven Controller
                            LED automotive lighting...
                            Production equipment
          Contact: Mr. Zhao 
          M.B:+8613605858620 18005858620
          M.B:+86 13605855063
          Q      Q1264186966
                  Shengzhou Jincheng Electronics Co., Ltd. in 2008, is the earliest microcomputer controller, and actively committed to the design and production into new product LED lights automotive electronics business module, forming a set of automotive electronics and LED circuit board design and development, manufacturing and sales in one module. Professional development and design engineer with the ability to undertake all types of electronic products and industrial automation control panel of the circuit, the LED headlamps, tail lights, showing the wide lights, and other professional automotive electronics, automotive lighting, high-tech enterprises. After nearly years of unremitting efforts, the company has now grown into a well-known strength of advanced technology-intensive enterprises. Product quality to TS16949 (Automotive Electronics) system certification for the quality control standards, the company produced by the micro-controller covering hood, air conditioning, water heaters, dishwashers, rice cookers, air conditioners and other home appliances.The company occupies 36 acres, has built a standard plant area of  14,000.......  [More]
          Switch Series
          Hood panel
          Air conditioning control panel
          Car dashboard
          Stainless steel plate
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