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                            Switch Series
                            Hood panel
                            Appliance control panel
                            Water Controller
                            Oven Controller
                            New product
                            Production equipment
          Contact: Mr. Zhao 
          M.B:+8613605858620 18005858620
          M.B:+86 13605855063
          Q      Q1264186966
          Current position: Home > Marketing
          Company is strong in technology, attracting a large number of management personnel, hardware and software technical personnel, the whole company's existing management staff of 12 people, 5 R & D personnel who are professional graduate, while engineering and technical personnel 4 people, has a wealth of product development development experience, development speed, the annual development projects to be completed more than 50, more than 20 production projects. Product design and stability, strong anti-interference, low cost and trusted by domestic and foreign customers, 60% of products are exported to the Middle East market and the European markets.
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